Heavenly Financial Literacy: Understanding God’s Economy

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Dr. Anthony Rhodman
Dr. Anthony Rhodman

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a spiritual psychologist who enhances mental wellness as a personal development trainer and life coach. He is a professional keynote speaker who focuses on removing the misconceptions about our true capabilities. Dr. Rhodman is a leading authority in spiritual psychology and personal achievement, and he uses divinely-inspired techniques to improve mental performance. He is also a subject-matter expert in leadership development and empowerment advancement, which he uses to improve mental health issues. As CEO and founder of Success Epitomized LLC, he consults and provides personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals. His clients consist of professional athletes, models, business executives, financial investors, health and wellness companies, recording artists, and legal firms.

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is also the founder and overseer of In God's Image, a teacher and spiritual advisor, and one of the world’s most revered pre-eminent leaders. He leverages his pioneering vision and instinct to serve others in areas extending beyond the church in order to help align people to God’s image. Dr. Rhodman's radiates dynamic and inspiring teachings that are relevant to many people across the world with his down-to-earth, practical strategies. Dr. Rhodman has been teaching for over 12 years. He is known to some in his organization as a "teacher's teacher" and a “spiritual chiropractor” because he helps restore the structural integrity of the mind, body, soul, and spirit to function in their original intent by removing the misconceptions of life, limited mindsets, and blockages of success, and consequently, aligning and improving the health and spiritual oneness of the individual, which allows the person to know life in its full depth and dimension

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